We will donate a sizable portion of the proceeds of sales of the photos in this gallery to the Great Northern Blues Society, an organization whose goal is to "Conserve, promote and present Blues music in all of its forms for audiences of all ages through community outreach. Serve as a support network for Blues musicians; encourage their artistic growth and help them thrive by providing opportunities to perform."

NOTE: In effort to support musicians more directly during these unprecedented times ... until at least through the end of June 2020, all profits from sales of these prints will be split evenly between the Great Northern Blues Society and Bel Airs.  (Second note: the band has asked that we donate their portion to a local food shelf, so between now and the end of June 2020, half of the profits will be sent to Second Harvest Heartland.)

Also, we're happy to explore other print sizes and options for you! (We can custom-order canvas prints.) Please contact us with any questions or requests.

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